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Burj & Sui Simbli Temples - Jammu Pilgrimage

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  Burj Temple - a mix of the Rajasthan and Gurdwara style architecture.
Burj Temple - A a mix of Rajasthan & Gurdwara
style architecture.
About 20 kms from Jammu off the Jammu-Akhnoor highway is the small village of Burj. The non-descript village has in its midst a singularly distinct temple dating back to the time of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

The Burj temple is a mix of the Rajasthan and Gurdwara style architecture. An inscription would have us believe that the temple was built by a Maharaja Salan Singh about whom little else is known in history. But its unique architecture is not the only distinct aspect of this temple. The temple has profuse paintings on the walls of the sanctum and the verandah leading to it. The paintings depict scenes from the Ramayana and Mahabharta and the Krishna leela. Besides, there is profusion of floral designs in the sanctum.

The idols of Shri Ram and Sita at Sui Simbli Temple.  
The idols of Shri Ram and Sita at Sui Simbli Temple.

The sanctum sanctorum has idols of Ram and Sita. Half a kilometer from the Burj Temple is the Raghunath Ji temple of Sui Simbli. This temple dates back to the period of Maharaja Gulab Singh. It is said that Baba Prem Dass Ji of Sui gave a boon to Gulab Singh that one day he would become a powerful king. A Samadhi of the Baba is also located within the premises of the temple. The temple too has wall paintings mainly from the Ramayana. Some of the panels also illustrate some mythological episodes. There are idols of Shri Ram and Sita in the sanctum sanctorum.

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