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Handlloom in Kashmir

Perhaps, nothing epitomises the glorious history of Kashmiri craftsmanship, as warmly and beautifully, as does the Pashmina. A legacy of the great moghuls, it evolved over three hundred years under the patronage of four different rules. Some of the craftsmen in Srinagar have managed to revive that old glory and provide replicas of 16th & 17th century hand embroidered shawls. It even takes 5-12 months to prepare a hand embroidered shawl.

Making of Kani Shawl.

Shawls: Pashmina Embroidered shawls is one of the most successful items in the Handloom sector of Jammu & Kashmir. Unbelievably soft, made even more beautiful by intricate hand embroidery, the shawls, made from the fleece of the Pashmina goats, are primarily associated with luxury and wealth. Visitors to this beautiful Valley should not consider their trip ``fruitful'' until they've had a chance to ``experience'' the Pashmina-- so symbolic of the warmth in the hearts of the people.

Kani Shawls is another rear items which is also produced for art lovers. Those who know understand that craftsman puts his heart and soul to produce such shawls.

Scores of plain marino shawls are sold in the state besides other casual woollen shawls in attractive colours.

Tweeds: Tweed from the Jammu & Kshmir State is widely accepted for its similarity to Scottish tweed. With shift in the customer preference towards ready made, craftsmen have engineered a very excellent set of tweed coats and Jackets at a reasonable price. It is a hot selling item in the market. The patterns of these garment is being updated year after year by Fashion experts as per market demands.

Besides there are Blankets made of natural fiber with soft feel and warm comfort, Bedding & Linin of the best cotton and woolen material.

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